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iMac with Retina 5K display shot from 90-millimeter anti-tank guns [video]

The creators of the YouTube channel FullMag one of the most addictive hobby on the planet. They take expensive equipment, take her outside the city and shot from different caliber weapons. This time the target of enthusiasts became a 27-inch iMac with Retina 5K worth more than 160 000.

Destroys the techniques Rick Ryan, who calls himself “a killer gadgets”. And here with it will not argue. During the existence of the canal were reduced scores with all popular Apple devices, and it was done every time originally and necessarily in slo-mo mode. Due to this, the clips are spectacular and allow the viewer to consider the process in great detail.

New video Ryan demonstrates the destruction iMac with 90-millimeter anti-tank guns T8. The day the video was watched over 100 000 times. To increase effectiveness when a shot is shown in slow motion. Certainly, as a result of the experiment, the computer was completely non-functional.

To paint, how to handle Retina iMac with such a difficult task no sense, all you can see in the video below.

Channel FullMag appeared on YouTube back in 2007. The authors specialize in the creation of popular commercials, which destroy a different technique. The number of subscribers of the channel exceeds 1.4 million people. The total number of views of each video FullMag is more than 151 million.

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