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iMac Pro with 14 and 18 cores will arrive to the owners sooner than expected

Apple seriously has accelerated the delivery of all versions of the iMac Pro. Models with 14 and 18 cores will arrive to owners in early January 2018, and not in February as expected. This publication reports MacRumors.

Some users who ordered an 8 – and 10-core all-in-ones, got them in before Christmas. Happy owners of new items immediately posted a lot of photos.

Those who prefer more powerful computers, also received gifts from Apple — the delivery time is reduced almost two times. The waiting time is 6-8 weeks will be only 3-4 weeks. Many customers received a letter that the order will arrive to them from 8 till 14 Jan 2018.

The starting price of the iMac Pro is 4999$. The model in the maximum configuration — with a large amount of internal memory and 18 cores — will cost $ 13199.

New candy Apple while it is impossible to buy even in large retail stores. The company’s management promised to start deliveries by the end of December 2017 and probably still have time to invest in time.

It is worth noting that e-mails received, not all customers who ordered the most powerful version of the iMac Pro. Perhaps some users will have to wait for the parcel until the beginning of February 2018.

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