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IMac in the next generation may see projection keyboard

Apple is developing technology that will transform the keyboard into any flat surface. A corresponding patent was registered this week by the Bureau of patents and trademarks USA.

In the document entitled “Camera accessory camera for angled viewing,” describes how projection keyboard for computers. As planned by Apple, special projection module can be integrated into the body of the iMac to display virtual buttons directly on the table surface. The effect will be achieved through the reading position of the human hands with special sensors.

Functional projection keyboard will work the same as a typical keyboard block: the user can control the device functions, write text, browse web pages, control music, turn pages in electronic books, scale image. Control interface objects on the display will be closely intertwined with the on-screen UI.

The symbols on the buttons of the keyboard projection may change depending on running application. In addition, the size and position of such virtual means of data entry can be automatically optimized based on the information from the camera, facing the user.

It is noteworthy that the patented system, as conceived by Apple, with some modifications suitable for use in mobile devices, laptops, wearable devices, information kiosks and even automotive centers.

Of course, we are still talking exclusively about the patent without demonstrating in real life. It is possible that the technology will remain at the level of the patent application. Although many would love to see projection keyboard in Apple devices.

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