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ILdock adapter for simultaneous connection iPhone 7 headphones and charging collected 18 times more than the required amount

The feedback on the lack of 3.5 mm audio Jack in the iPhone 7 was different from jokes to offer constructive solutions. One of them suggested that the company iLdockgear. A small device called iLdock allows you to simultaneously connect to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus wired headphone and a power adapter.

The principle of action of the adapter resembles that of the Apple-branded adapter that comes with iPhone 7. Except for the fact that it is equipped with an optional port. The device is made of aluminium and, thanks to the audio Jack and Lightning port lets you listen to music and charge your iPhone simultaneously.

More specifically, we propose three different modifications of the device. In the extended version iLdock there is also a USB connector and slots for reading memory cards, TF and SD formats. Developers have provided four accessory colors to match the iPhone.

Fundraising on the issue iLdock is on the website KickStarter. The money will be collected for another 18 days, but set by the authors of the project, the goal has long been exceeded. Planning to collect $ 5000, they are at the time of writing the post has gathered about 91 000. The first 200 participants can reserve a adapter for only $ 5.

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