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IKEA presented a cloth with pocket for smartphone

Many in the childhood parents scolded for what they bring toys or books to the dinner table — a place where the whole family gathers together, promising each other, sharing thoughts and problems. Naturally, other objects will distract and disturb. In our days the toys and books are not as popular as mobile devices, and to make the gadget do not distract the user during lunch and at the same time, was in his eyes, IKEA has created a tablecloth for table with a special pocket for your smartphone.

In the new catalog Swedish manufacturer appeared tablecloth with pockets. The idea is very simple: the user simply puts the smartphone in a special unit. Believed to designers, urban residents can’t do without gadgets, so they wear them everywhere, even at a family dinner. So it does not interfere with communication, the smartphone is supposed to clean up in a special unit.

Thus, the device is placed on the table, but not distracting. In addition, the Communicator display remains protected from the ingress of food and drinks. For fans of the social network Instagram has another advantage — you can quickly obtain the phone and make photo.

When the novelty will go on sale and how much it will cost, is still unknown.

Previously, IKEA has started selling branded furniture with wireless charging function for mobile devices. The manufacturer also released a series of covers, novelties to be able to iPhones and other smartphones that don’t support wireless charging.

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