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iFixit: Samsung battery Galaxy S8+ is almost identical to the battery exploding Note 7

Experts iFixit appreciated maintainability Galaxy S8+, which the company Samsung has officially unveiled late last month. During the disassembly it turned out that the manufacturer uses in the smartphones are almost the same battery as in tabletag Galaxy Note 7, which was withdrawn from the market because of the numerous spontaneous combustion.

Many users have developed a bias against Samsung smartphones. Open iFixit is unlikely to increase confidence in the security of the South Korean devices. The fact that batteries Galaxy S8+ “almost identical” batteries Galaxy Note 7 in several aspects, including voltage, capacity and design. In particular, the power supply capacity Galaxy S8+ is of 13.48 WH, like the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7.

As noted by iFixit releases battery for new Samsung flagships is the same manufacturer that supplied the batteries for Galaxy Note 7.

“Samsung is confident that battery problems was the quality of production and a new series S8 sought to reaffirm their confidence in the new 8-step quality control system batteries, – said in the conclusion iFixit. – Design around the battery – the location, the distances and the mount is very very similar to the ones in Note 7”.

In the beginning of the year Samsung has presented the results of an internal investigation of the causes of explosions Galaxy Note 7. It turned out that it exploded the battery. In the report, the company has focused on the fact that the rest of the gadgets worked fine.

Involved in the investigation, the experts came to the conclusion that batteries from Samsung SDI deformed as a result of excessive pressure, as the office intended for them in the phone, it was too small. The battery is from ATL had this problem, but they failed insufficient insulation of the individual blocks, as well as small thickness or poor welding of separators.

Recall, Samsung withdrew from the market all copies sold of the Galaxy Note 7. Those devices that were not returned and the buyers were disabled by the manufacturer remotely.

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