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iFixit: Microsoft Surface laptop Laptop lost on maintainability even MacBook

Experts iFixit put Microsoft Surface Laptop 0 points out of a possible 10 in terms of reparability. Thus, the first laptop from Redmond lost maintainability even MacBook. At least, so say the employees of the company who ruthlessly gutted both units.

First, the staff iFixit have tried to find any screws in the Surface Laptop by removing that, it would be possible to remove the back cover. They expected the screws hidden behind the rubber “legs” of the laptop, however there were just metal inserts.

Then the experts tried to remove the back cover of the keyboard of Alcantara, however carefully this is not possible. In iFixit tried to use a Hairdryer, but it only melted a few keys. At this stage it became clear that to take the laptop apart without damaging the housing impossible. Tore the back cover is impossible to glue it back or use again.

After the specialists of the portal still managed to get to the “inside” Surface Laptop, it turned out that all laptop components are covered with special termosistemy and put them back after removal will not work.

Following the dismantling of the new Microsoft Surface notebook Laptop has a rating of 0 out of 10 maintainability. Thus, the model is totally unsuitable for repair. Experts said that in the case of failure of a laptop from Microsoft will not be able to repair any known method without damaging the housing or other components.

The results of the Microsoft Surface Laptop disassembly:

  • Inside the notebook cannot be accessed without causing damage to the body and the keyboard device that is glued to the battery.
  • Battery (45,2 WH) is connected to the Board in such a way that to replace it you need to disassemble the entire laptop, but even then will have to face the fact that the battery is glued to the shell.
  • The main components of Surface Laptop, such as processor, RAM and storage soldered to the motherboard. This makes it impossible for their replacement or upgrade. In case of problems with RAM or SSD will have to change the entire Board.
  • Access to the headphone Jack can only be obtained after removing the cooling fan, the display and the motherboard.

Note that the maintainability of the updated MacBook Pro valued at 1 point out of a possible 10. The main problems of the laptop: the pentalobe screws, lots of adhesive for fastening the battery, and touch panel touch Bar still combined with the fingerprint scanner. In case of failure of the latter will have to change the whole motherboard.

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