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iFixit: Apple Watch was ready for the emergence of LTE a year ago

After iPhone 8, experts from iFixit have disassembled the new Apple watch Series 3 and found that the hardware is almost identical to the previous model.

The main change in the new versions of the watch was the appearance of the module LTE. At the same time, experts say that most of the components were present in the previous Apple Watch Series 2.

“Apple announced the appearance of the altimeter, when represented by a Series 3, to our surprise, as last year’s model we found the barometer. Was almost Seies 2 LTE-clock? Or Apple just wants to sell a few models before Christmas?”, — noted in the company.

Apple Watch in new Series 3 are slightly offset to the pressure sensor. Now it stands on the site of the ventilation holes next to the microphone. The very vent is now located closer to the diagnostic port.

In iFixit claim that hours of the new generation have not changed the radio antenna. It also confirms the willingness of Apple to launch a model with cellular connectivity in the last year.

“It is strange, but in the Apple Watch adds new features without any technical modifications. Therefore, we are confident that the Apple Watch was ready for the emergence of LTE even a generation ago. The antenna and the display does not changed. Have some new silicone, but that’s all,” say the experts.

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