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If the iPhone starts to collect in the United States, smartphones will rise in price twice

Apple is considering the possibility of moving the production of iPhone on US territory. The company has asked its production partners Foxconn and Pegatron to work on such a scenario. According to analysts, in this case, the price of smartphones could double.

Apple designs their devices in Cupertino, but their production is in the company partners in China and Taiwan. The only model of computer that company with 2013 releases in the U.S., is the Mac Pro. Apple CEO Tim cook has repeatedly stated that the Chinese have invested huge amounts of money to their country became the center of world production, and this economic climate is impossible to replicate in any other part of the world.

However, as indicated by the sources, Foxconn has agreed to consider such an option, and Pegatron declined because of concerns over costs. According to media reports, the transfer of production of the iPhone will greatly increase their cost.

In the case of such a scenario, Apple will have a huge expenditure on creating infrastructure for production technology in the United States. Of course, this will also affect the cost of the final product. Despite the solid cash reserves, the decision to collapse the Assembly lines in China will result in costs that are relevant even for the richest high-tech companies in the world.

According to estimates CNET, currently, the Chinese assemblers of Apple earn about $ 400 per month. For example, Apple will outsource manufacturing of the iPhone in Wyoming or Georgia, the States with the lowest minimum salary component of $ 5.15 per hour. Thus, when a typical workday “pay” twice the work of local Chinese colleagues. If the Assembly of smartphones to establish in California, the wages of each worker every month will have to fork out at least $ 1,500.

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Given this and other factors affecting the final cost of the new phone, in case of transfer of production of the iPhone in the U.S. the device will rise by about half. That is, in this scenario, the base model iPhone 7 would cost no 56 990 rubles, and about 114 000.

The reason for a possible transfer of production in the United States — a requirement that is even before winning the presidential election had nominated Donald trump. The newly elected President promised his voters new jobs, including by forcing large companies to shift production from China to the USA.

In General, with the arrival of trump Apple may fall out of favor with the new government. In his campaign, trump said many times that modern technology is out of control state. One of the major topics during the election was the situation around Apple and the company’s failure to give the FBI tools to access blocked phone arrow from San Bernadino.

Trump called for a boycott of Apple products and if he becomes the US President, promised to put Tim cook in place. It got to the point that most apolitical Tim cook even lashed out at trump in one of his interviews, and Apple refused to publicly sponsor the election campaign of the Republicans, for the first time, standing solely on the side of the Democrats.

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