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If Sony invented the iPhone

In 2007, Apple released a smartphone that has redefined the phones due to the fact that he had not had the usual keys, and to control its touch interface did not require a stylus. It is known that Apple and Sony were very close in spirit – Steve jobs and former head of the Sony Kunitake Ando met regularly. If you believe the official biography of Steve jobs, during the life of a brilliant businessman, Sony was one of his favorite companies. Jobs even did not rule out the possibility of installing Mac OS X on Sony Vaio computers. He admired the production and products of Japanese corporations…

As you know, history does not like the subjunctive. However, the designer Pierre Servo decided to dream up on the fact that if Sony, not Apple first decided to combine a widescreen player, Internet device and mobile phone in one device. So there was a concept Sony Talkman.

As a source of inspiration, the artist used the music player Walkman 1979. His appearance was reflected in the design of a smartphone with square corners, a characteristic of the speaker grille and body colours typical of Sony products.

The concept Creator believes that Sony Talkman would be aluminum shell, front-facing stereo speakers and separate controls music player on the side. The device could boast a line output and top-end digital-to-analog Converter.

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