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If Sheldon Cooper knew, that would love Christmas

My best friend Fedor three years living in Austria. This means that every Christmas gift-giving thing it starts about a week earlier than me.

Here is the conversation almost verbatim:

– Katya, I can’t, what is it you women want? He asked her, do the damn wishlist! (She is the young wife Fedi, Lena. It is always so touching trying to surprise her.)

– Pandora and Jo Malone are a girls best friend! Well, if the diamonds is not enough money.

After a couple of hours of writing for satisfied and relaxed. Bracelet with pendants in brand breast box with the crown will definitely be happy with Lena.

– I’ve already given a gift! The processor (here follows a long name that I, like all women, have to Google to understand what was going on).

– Well it is necessary, Fedya, how she got it.

– Yes, I said it. How long had she guessed with a TDP of CPU!

Google, what is the TDP. In General, Yes, geek without a detailed wishlist with the gift just not guess. I do all of this running around the shops at that time only had. So I decided to approach the issue as technical. And went first not to the store, and the App Store.

App meHappy I liked the interface and description. Decided to start with him. Created by phone number. The program analyzed my notebook: meHappy have my best friend Julia. Then I sent invitations to test the application of her boyfriend Simon, sister and her husband, mom and dad, as well as the future (I hope!) mother-in-law. Well, several girlfriends, in addition to Julia, captured.

Then made a list of “hotelok”. Sam hardly would guess that I need a frame for glasses like wikky3000, he did not know that there is such a beauty blogger. Perhaps even the word “beauty blogger” he would have had to Google, I TDP. He added a GoPro camera (after all, we are planning in February in the tie, want the camera!). Well, a couple of creams on the little things. Go!

And then it was unbelievable. It is clear that Sam is not dreamed of shaving kit and rolled on neat cushions socks. But how could I guess that he wants lens Canon 28 mm 1.8? And Julia, it appears, wants a selfie-stick! And lying all the time, hates selfies. The funny thing is, of course, the Pope. In 59 years of dreaming about ant farm – Yes, with dignity. By the way, the Pope resisted with the app until recently – he’s got all the “toys”, as he says, for anything, but iPhone only need to call! Looking ahead, after gaining ant farm dad got a taste of that posted a whole list on February 23 and the day of birth. Make life easier for us and your Secretary not to suffer with the gifts for the anniversary.

Which is convenient, meHappy you can upload the picture looks like your dream. Yes there is a picture from the link – just buy one click! If you do not have the photos present in the app there is a search function at the pics on Google, Flickr and even 50px, so pictures work great as a poster! So I solved the problem with new year’s gifts from the comfort of home, avoiding influenza the crowds at the Mall and the dubious pleasure to knock in a down jacket in the shopping process. Immediately reminded of “the big Bang Theory” as Sheldon was stuck with a gift for penny: “no Wonder the suicide rate this time of year rolls!”
In General, the Christmas holidays were no stupid sets of candles from IKEA, which is ten times re-given each other, and without vague cosmetic sets, which then cause allergies. Now I have cool glasses! And the camera! And Sam will be able to have fun with the new lens in Tae.

App meHappy was incredibly comfortable. There’s even a reminder that someone promised to buy for two weeks and then a week before the intended celebration comes another notification to definitely not forgotten. After the event receive a “thank-you” push from the blessings. Didn’t manage to catch my breath after the Christmas gift race, coming February 23 and March 8! Personally, I meet both head-on, knowing exactly how to please someone you love. Well and itself the loser does not remain.

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