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“If it’s not iPhone, it is not iPhone”: in the new ad for Apple spoke about the benefits of Apple Pay [video]

Apple continues to roll out its proprietary payment service. At this time the company presented the world a new promotional video, which demonstrates Apple Pay allows you to “easily and quickly” to pay for goods and services in shops. A 30-second video posted on the official YouTube channel Apple.

“Apple Pay offers a fast, simple and secure way to pay for things that you need in more than 1 million shops. This is your virtual wallet,” says the VoiceOver. Slogan movie still – “If it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone” (“If it’s not iPhone, it’s not an iPhone”).

Payment service Apple Pay was launched in October last year. According to a survey by The Auriemma Consulting Group, 42% of iPhone 6 in USA to use the service. Only for the first three days since the launch of Apple Pay users registered in the system over a million credit cards. This has made Apple the largest technology means contactless payments via mobile devices.

The release of the new Apple commercials, probably linked to the launch of a competing payment service, Samsung Pay. At the moment it is available only to residents of South Korea, but Samsung promises soon to come up with a novelty on the world market.

As assure in Seoul, the service can be used for most traditional banking operations, which will allow in the near future to completely abandon plastic cards.

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