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Identifies three major innovations in Android N

Big update to the mobile OS Google is already knocking at the door. Than N different from Android 6.0 Marshmallow? The short answer is: very, very much.

In March this year, Google unexpectedly released a developer preview of the Android mobile operating system codenamed N designed for developers. on the eve of Google I/O conference 2016 the company told about the new features and functions Android N. Main innovations Android N are centered around three things.

Performance optimization

In the next iteration of the operating system Google will support cross-platform Vulkan API for more efficient processing and rendering complex 3D graphics. Interface the application opens a direct path to the graphics chip, thus reducing the load on the CPU. Another improvement inside Android — new compiler on the fly (JIT Compiler), which accelerates the process of installing applications on 75% and reduces by half the size of the distribution.

Improved productivity

The second thing is productivity. A significant change was the new, simplified menu multi-tasking: now it is limited to family recently running programs. There, in response to numerous requests, we added a Clear All (Clear all). If you click on it, Android will automatically close all active applications, freeing the user from routine operations.

In addition, Android will appear N modes split-screen and picture-in-picture, which allow more efficient use of Unallocated space. For example, on the tablet, users can work in Chrome, parallel viewing YouTube-videos in the corner of the display, or to give up one half of the screen the browser and another e-mail. Also on Android devices, you will quickly reply to the received push notification in iOS without leaving the current program.

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Virtual reality

The third thing — actively preparing Android to support hardware virtual reality. The next version of OS will come with a VR-platform Android Daydream mode and VR Mode, which optimizes the performance of applications in virtual reality. In the special regime will be included navigation system to navigate in a new VR environment and even the whole store with the programs, games, films and music.

Specifically for Daydream the company will release a special VR version of apps like YouTube, Street View (“street View), Google Play Store (Google Play) Play Movies (Play Movies) and “Google Photos”. Programs for the new platform also offers online cinema Netflix and major game studios, including Ubisoft and Electronic Arts.

Just Android N made more than 250 new features and improvements. The beta version of OS compatible with Nexus devices and tablet Pixel C, is already available for download on the Google site for developers. The final release of the operating system is expected in the third quarter of the year.

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