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IDC: Apple Watch owns 40% of the market “smart” hours, despite a sharp decline in sales

The Apple Watch sales fell more than 70%, which slowed down the development of the market “smart” hours. Reported by analysts IDC.

According to their estimates, in the third quarter of 2016 around the world was released 22 million wearable devices, which is 3.1% more than the year before. The share of the product, Apple had 4.9% of the supply that corresponds to the volume of 1.1 million devices.

Despite the decline, Apple remains the undisputed leader of the market of “smart” hours. The platform update watchOS and release of the Apple Watch Series 2 may cause a new wave of customers among existing users of a smart watch, and those who never acquired such a gadget, experts say.

Apple Watch accounts for 40% of the market “smart” hours. Second place went to Garmin, which is close to the leader thanks to the popularity of low-end models. Sales of the devices this company has soared by nearly 325%, up to 600,000.

Analysts believe that the situation on the market of “smart” hours can be improved at the expense of traditional watch manufacturers, who thanks to their experience are able to offer a device that differs in design, functionality and ease of operation.

While the market of smart watches leading IT-brands. The five largest vendors, besides Apple and Garmin have included Samsung, LG and Pebble for the third quarter of 2016.

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