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“ICQ” marks 20-summer anniversary

ICQ celebrates anniversary: November 15, legendary messenger turned 20 years old. Over the years, ICQ has gone from desktop to multi-platform messenger, offering the full range of possibilities for communication: chats and video calls to publish stories and edit photos and video with neural networks.

“History ICQ is part of the history of the Internet in General; we are happy and proud to work on the development of the messenger. Now using ICQ to communicate and those who started dectape version many years ago, and children that install ICQ on smartphones and tablets. For us it is a major sign that we are moving in the right direction: we will continue to increase the functionality in line with the emerging needs of users and current trends in communication”, — said Igor Ermakov, head of the division Instant Messaging Mail.Ru Group.

Over the past year, the ICQ team has introduced a number of important updates that reflect the latest trends in online communications. All applications received lightweight and comfortable design. Implemented a version for Linux, as well as the new generation for macOS. All calls to ICQ secure end-to-end encryption.

In addition, ICQ users new formats and ways of communicating. Was added to open the live chat, which can communicate simultaneously tens of thousands of people. Represents the service voice messages with speech recognition. Also, the messenger appeared “Stories” that allow you to create a small photo and videoscute and save them for viewing for 24 hours.

Also implemented mobile photo and video editing using neural networks and interactive three-dimensional mask.

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ICQ source code is available on GitHub for third party developers. Upgrade to ICQ was evaluated by the experts of the market of Android applications. The messenger received the award of Editors’ Choice in Google Play, and the team ICQ was awarded the status of “Best developer”.

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