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ICloud photo library uses DRM even for music downloaded by the user

Cloud service iCloud photo Library, intended to replace the service iTunes Match, found the problem with the DRM protection. Unlike the last part streaming Music service Apple product encrypts the music, not allowing you to play copied onto other media, music content.

Aware of this, iCloud photo Library told blogger kirk Mcelhearn in the article “the Key difference between iTunes Match and iCloud Music Library: DRM”. Previously, he used the iTunes Match service costs 799 rubles a year. When he would rip your music albums CD and added them to the iTunes directory service looking for matching music in the iTunes database, found analogues of songs in the cloud and open them for access on all devices. If he wanted to upload the tracks from a cloud – he was always able to do it.

ICloud photo library, available to subscribers of Apple Music streaming, works on the same principle with the only difference that when the user decides to download something, it will not work because of DRM protection. Even for music, which he ripped from CDS and downloaded to your iTunes library.

Moreover, if a person refuses to subscribe to Apple Music, he loses access to all cloud-based music catalogue, all matter, she added by the user or not. “If you intend to grabit music from CDs, add them to iTunes and then throw away the CD – don’t do it. If you do not have Internet connection or you to unsubscribe, iCloud photo Library will block all your purchased songs,” warned the blogger.

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However, users have the choice. If you have a large catalog of music, it makes sense to abandon Apple Music and use iTunes Match. This is not only advantageous from an economic point of view, but also solves the problem with DRM protection.

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