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iCloud Drive can delete your files without warning

“Thanks to iCloud Drive all your presentations, spreadsheets, PDFs, images and more in complete safety stored in iCloud. At any time you can open them from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or PC”. With these words begins with a description of its cloud-based service by Apple. In fact, according to developer mark Gecit, iCloud Drive is not safe and can easily void the user’s important documents, photos and other files.

As told Gecit, the problem occurs during synchronization of data between devices. For example, you bought a new Mac and pointed it to my account in iCloud. At this point, it starts to download data from the cloud. But she is not instantaneous. First appear on the Mac copies files to format .icloud, which are only the labels of the originals — they reserve for them until after synchronization. Copies weigh only a few kilobytes and does not carry any information. To the user they look like real files. Now if “makemod” decide to move these files to another location on your computer, they will be lost forever.

“Let’s say you have a folder with such labels. Large Keynote presentations, Photoshop files and personal photos. For example, now on my new Mac you want to move these files from iCloud Drive to another location on the disk or in the alternative cloud service – Google Drive or Dropbox. You just drag them to another folder, right? Of course. Apple will tell you just about what will move the folder and that the files will only be available on PC and will no longer be available in iCloud Drive.

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What will happen to files that have not had time to sync with your local machine? They will be uploaded and will appear in a new place. Right? No. These files will simply disappear. Forever,” explained the developer.

To restore lost thus files cannot. iCloud unlike Dropbox, it keeps a history of changes and does not save copies on the server. To restore to a backup folder is also not possible.

“Cloud storage is a brilliant idea, but the way Apple has implemented is stupid and irresponsible. User data is sacred, and Apple made it so that they can be lost forever in just one click,” concluded the developer.

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