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iCareFone – when you need an alternative to iTunes

We all know by heart cons i-Technology. This is, firstly, stupid, cumbersome and just hate iTunes. It is, secondly, a specific line of conduct Apple, which does not allow you to understand your phone fully – and to do something, e.g. to the folder “other” that occupies half of the 16-Gigabyte space. Luckily for you, we have found the perfect solution – program iCareFone will allow you to forget about iTunes, but with the memory issue… no, I will not force Apple to change its policy, but will greatly facilitate the lives.

In the first place, tell you about an alternative to iTunes. You start with the following: connect your phone (tablet, whatever you have there) to the computer, the program detects the type of device (much faster than official competitor), then shows clear menu that will change. You can manage any kind of files: music, photos, videos, bookmarks, notebook, and so on; nothing is hidden from your eyes. This whole array can be deleted with a single click or, on the contrary, to multiply. To get into the bowels of the file or kill the duplicates, for example, contacts.

If you are worrying for the preservation of data, and constantly plagued by iTunes to create a backup, please read this paragraph. In iCareFone you will be allowed not just “duplicate” the data, but the program will do it much faster than clear what the analogue – due to the competent optimization. Again, the extra “reserve” can not be stored on the hard drive of the phone – if you don’t need a old save point, you simply remove it. Well and the most interesting – iCareFone able to restore from backup even if the device is not defined. Important, you see, the thing is, when the iPhone has been at the bottom of the filled tank and now will not turn on, and there’s your whole life.

Another attractive property iCareFone – cleaning system from debris. Back to the first paragraph – we all know that pristine phone after six months of operation of the cluttered it is unclear what modest 16 GB of memory, just go out the window – and you haven’t even updated! iCareFone will get rid of suffering: the program is able one button to clean junk files, erase temporary entry to delete the photo, to work with cookies. In General to get rid of that so strongly takes up valuable gigabytes. The program will even compress your pictures, you don’t want to lose quality loss will be minimal, but the size will decrease up to 70%.

If your phone is not just littered, but still does not work as wanted, it means that the infinite hovering of a failed upgrade and hard operation were not in vain – it hangs a heavy plume in the “brains” of the device. But no worries – the app allows one tap to send your phone in recovery mode. It is certainly not a panacea, but many problems do decide. And if does not help – then enable the hotfix operating system. This is useful if the last update failed or was your passion for the jailbreak still came out sideways.

Works this whole “medical” system is very simple – you just have to click a few buttons and iCareFone already do everything on your own. Your personal data will not be lost – the program only beats with errors, not photographs and the contents of the notebook.

Finally, the last thing we would like to tell you about the ad blocker. The program is able to remove the banner, worth a little gape, richly hung with many applications, sometimes it is impossible to go to YouTube to stumble upon something nasty in full screen. This iCareFone also struggling – and also successfully.

And now about the financial side of the question. There are many options – unlimited use for 2-5 computers, which usually costs around $ 100 at the moment will cost you only $ 2795 roubles. It’s certainly not the smallest amount, but you will get a full protective and cleansing program for the whole family; no longer have to wrestle with how to unload the phone space yourself, child, and wife.

Download iCareFone for Windows at this link for Mac for this.

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