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IBM offers employees move from PC to Mac

As the technological shift from personal computers to smartphones and tablets, Apple is expanding its reach in the lucrative corporate client base. The popularity of the iPhone, iPad and Mac among employees is forcing corporate managers to rewrite policies and to change traditional buying patterns.

As part of the agreement with Apple, IBM for the first time gave employees the opportunity to choose platform when ordering the computer. Now, in addition to Windows-compatible solutions have become available also for Mac. This was told by Twitter employees “big blue”.

According to an internal e-mail, IBM, starting today, employees can choose between MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or PC when buying a new or updating current computer. The machine will include out of the box new software for security, VPN settings and Wi-Fi to connect to the internal network of the company.

“The benefit from the cooperation of IBM and Apple: it is now possible to choose between Mac and PC,” writes Twitter John Collins. “The employees of IBM officially can choose WinTel laptops, Linux or Mac,” confirms Stefan Wissel. According to the user with the nickname smoothdvd, IBM even offers to go with the Thinkpad on the Mac.

Currently, about 15,000 people at IBM are working on a Mac in the framework of BYOD (“bring your own device”), under which employees are permitted to use their own equipment. A new initiative this number could rise threefold by the end of the year, I believe in the company.

In Cisco Apple laptops have quickly become popular after the company has given employees the option to navigate with devices on Windows. Today, one quarter of all laptops provided by Cisco – about 35 000 – a MacBook. These laptops are more expensive PCs, which was a challenge for Apple in the past. However, considering factors such as maintenance and support costs are aligned with time of the device, the company says.

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Recall that a year ago Apple and IBM announced a collaboration. In the framework of the agreements reached first agreed to provide a second opportunity to sell iPhones and iPads to its corporate clients around the world, together with preinstalled applications MobileFirst. No other vendor of such contract with Apple has not.

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