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IBM introduced the smart bulb A19 Multicolor, which can be controlled using Siri

In the summer, a year after the announcement of the Apple platform HomeKit for it introduced the first device. The company that made this, for many was committed is not familiar, except Philips.

Sylvania, a subsidiary of Osram company, has announced a smart lamp, Smart Multicolor A19, which fully supports the system “smart” home Apple. This means that the owner of the iOS device 10 can easily control the lighting remotely. Provides brightness control, on-schedule, support for voice commands. And you do not require a HomeKit hub.

Bulb Sylvania A19 Smart Multicolor fully supports Apple HomeKit, so you can interact with Siri or Apple Home. To enable or disable the illumination of the control iPhone and iPad.

To start using the new Bluetooth lamp Sylvania, simply install it in any suitable fixture, and is configured in the standard application “Home”. Work the bulb may be associated with other components of “smart home”.

Sylvania A19 Multicolor Smart will be available in early 2017. The cost of new items not yet announced, but other “smart” bulbs that are sold for $29.99.

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