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IBM has told how she manages to save due to the Macs

IBM told about the number of used by its employees Apple computers and saving from this project. Details leads Dailycomm referring to the Vice-President of IBM Fletcher Previn.

According to him, currently the IBM employ staff in a professional capacity for about 130,000 computers, smartphones and tablets made by Apple. The share of the other MacBook, the Macintosh accounts for 30 000 devices that were introduced just six months. It is noted that each week increases IBM corporate Park Apple PCs 1900 systems.

For many years, IBM employees used the Windows-based computers – mainly laptops Lenovo. However, after the beginning of cooperation with Apple in the summer of 2014 IBM thought about switching to computer equipment at his new partner, although it is more expensive compared to a Windows PC.

This overpayment in the end results in savings. As reported by Fletcher Previn, every Mac used for General corporate purposes, reduces support costs by $270. During a speech at the JAMF Nation User conference 2015 IBM representative said that the company only 5% users of Mac OS X refers to the support, and in the case of Windows problems occur in 40% of IBM employees.

In addition, through cooperation with Apple blue giant managed to save on the number of technical support staff required to service the computer users. According to Previn, the analytical company Gartner believe that the optimal ratio of “pros” to other employees is 1:70, but as a rule, it is at the level of 1:272. As a result of purchases in the Mac, IBM was enough to keep one technician on 5375 servants.

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Most likely, the lion’s share of IBM personal computers still carries the legendary brand Think and is made by Lenovo. However, the rate of purchase of new Mac such that the machine very soon silver anodised aluminium will replace black PC in IBM offices.

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