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IBM and Apple have released over 100 MobileFirst apps for iOS

IBM has announced the release of over 100 applications IBM MobileFirst for iOS, created in partnership with Apple. Enterprise services are designed to transform business processes in sectors 14 to 65 different professions, from financial counselors to flight attendants, specialists of emergency services, nurses and ordinary buyers. In addition, companies are expanding their portfolio of services and create solutions for the consumer goods market, anti-aging and cosmetics, automotive, chemical and petroleum industries.

Each app combines tools for big data and IBM Analytics solutions along with the ease of use of Apple products. Services are designed to help businesses achieve the highest level of efficiency and to improve the quality of customer service, making the process faster, easier and safer.

IBM plans to merge many future applications of IBM MobileFirst for iOS with tools Watson. This will allow services to continuously obtain information about the needs of employees and customers and using collected data to gradually increase the effectiveness of their work.

“We continue to improve our apps, which today are of exceptional value to the business, complementing their cognitive capabilities. Thanks to this business will be able to extract most relevant information from the collected insights to improve the decision-making process, says Fred Balboni, General Manager, on the partnership of IBM and Apple. – The combination of simplicity and ease of use of Apple products with an unrivalled level of security, Analytics and cognitive expertise IBM is a major element of mobile transformation of business processes”.

Because the list of applications for specific industries grows, the sets of IBM MobileFirst for iOS today adjust to work roles in health care institutions, financial institutions and retailers. Information can now be shared with all the teams, giving employees the opportunity to work together using one set of data on their mobile devices.

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IBM is also currently developing apps for iPad Pro. They are, as noted, involves the performance benefits of wider screen and multi-mode iOS 9, which will allow teams to work simultaneously in two applications simultaneously. Application with the function of supporting Apple Pencil will provide additional accuracy and functionality of tasks including operations, data collection or annotation of the register maintenance.

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