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IBM already uses 90 thousand Mac 1300 and buys a new one every week

30 years after IBM PC-compatible computers became dominant the PC industry, pushing development system Apple at various niche markets, IBM is increasingly using Mac. The growing use of Mac in corporations may be a clue as to the maturity of the platform macOS for use in the business environment and the growing need to use this OS.

IBM is considered one of the pioneers of the modern computer industry, which generates trillions of dollars each year. Through the concept of the IBM PC — open architecture PC with interchangeable components from different manufacturers — there are plenty of companies that provide jobs for tens of millions of people. In the 80-ies of the last century, IBM PC-compatible computers fiercely competed first with the Apple II and Apple Macintosh for market share. Winning the battle thirty years ago, IBM left the PC market in 2004, selling the business to Lenovo Group. In recent years, the popularity of Mac computers has grown steadily, both among private and corporate users. As a result, today, IBM is rapidly transferred to the Macintosh.

According to a statement by IBM, the company uses several tens of thousands of Mac computers. Use Mac instead of PC allows the Corporation to save the money needed to maintain your systems. Technical support for all Apple computers around the world are doing only 50 people.

IBM noted that currently about 90 000 Mac computers are already used in companies and 1300 are added every week. According to the firm, each new Mac saves $270 compared to traditional PCs due to the much lower maintenance costs and a higher residual value.

Various departments of IBM — the total number of employees of which exceeds 350 000 people use different operating systems and software. For example, developers of software and services for Linux is hardly used by other operating systems, whereas enterprise software for Apple iPad is used exclusively Mac. However, 90 000 computers in the IBM clearly indicate that the PC apply to different people in different departments, and IBM believes that the macOS with IBM services are quite safe and stable for use in a corporate environment.

Likely, the lion’s share used by IBM personal computers still bearing the legendary brand Think and is made by Lenovo. However, the rate of purchase of new Mac systems is such that very soon the silver cars of anodized aluminum will replace the iconic black PC IBM offices.

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