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Iberdrola will build for Apple Park wind power plants with a capacity of 200 MW

Apple Avangrid Energy and Renewables, a subsidiary of power company Iberdrola has signed a contract for 20 years to supply the California giant with electricity. We are talking about the construction of a new Park of wind power plants in Oregon.

The construction of a wind farm Montague will begin in 2018. The cost of the station with a total capacity of 200 MW will be approximately $300 million under the agreement, Avangrid Renewablesa will own and manage the wind farm and supply electricity to Apple in the next 20 years.

Iberdrola already has several stations for the production of electricity using renewable sources. The total capacity of these plants exceeds 1600 MW/h.

The last few years, Apple is investing heavily in renewable energy in caring about the environment. In early 2017 it became known about the conclusion of an agreement with the energy company NV Energy, in which the iPhone maker will place in Nevada one solar power plant of 200 MW.

This facility will generate energy, which is used to operate the data center Apple is located in Reno. In Cupertino agreed to provide up to 5 MW of electricity for the needs of NV Energy.

Apple’s famous desire to use the most advanced methods of energy efficiency, clean technology and alternative energy in their data centers. Thanks to the use of solar farm and fuel cells, Apple will be able to fully satisfy the energy needs of data centers.

In Cupertino in the past has stated that they will try to bring all of its data centers on renewable energy.

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