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I urge Apple to add FM radio in iPhone

The national Association of broadcasters, the United States urged Apple to add an FM radio receiver for future iPhone.

In the message, the Association points to the fact that the iPhone already has some necessary extensions to support FM radio. The Association insists that Apple needs to include radio in future devices, given that the Broadcom chip for wireless data transmission in the iPhone supports it.

The Association also cites the example of the iPod nano, which was supported by FM radio with the update, and the antenna device are connected headphones. Which means that Apple knows how to make radio work well on their mobile devices.

“It’s time for Apple to put the safety of the American people first. Mr. cook, activate the FM receiver in the iPhone. Many lives depend on you,” the message reads.

It is worth noting that the national Association of broadcasters is not a public authority and represents the interests of commercial and non-commercial structures.

Previously, the Federal communications Commission of the USA has already demanded Apple to activate the built-in FM receiver in the iPhone. According to the Commission, this is the only way to warn citizens about the impending threat.

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