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I-MOXO – levitating column

Growing electronics market offers new options – some new items are created even for a simple perform their functions, but for anything else – for example, to shock guests. Or just to show everyone that the owner of this house – the man with the invention. Or simply strip off any techno geeks a few thousand, usually artsy cheap electronics. But if you are tired of ordinary equipment and want to make your life a little variety, we know how to help you. Buy yourself a column – no, not normal, and flying.


I-MOXO is a levitating speaker, which emits a sound, hanging in the air. The instrument is made in the form of a round bowl, inlaid with stylish accents, making the appearance of the column is strongly reminiscent of the Death Star – with due diligence you can decorate the technique of the color of one of the Central characters of “Star Wars”. Below, under the column, there will be a special round stand for levitation, well recharging.

This case is very interesting – the dock is a special magnetic strips, which hold the sphere in the air. This leads to a certain resistance, and the levitated column is not very high, but enough to surprise everyone around. In addition, the ball can rotate up and down, snapping at him as the tumbler, and try to have fun – well, in General, for parties and noisy companies. In addition, I-MOXO rotates when the music plays – and it is, frankly, a hell of a fascinating spectacle.

The rest of the device is almost standard. Connect via Bluetooth or you can insert your music on pre-recorded MicroSD. The first method is certainly easier – there is no problem to connect phone, a tablet and a laptop; any technique, able to transfer communication to a channel. You just need to turn on Bluetooth on the computer, and then press the corresponding button on the I-MOXO – column connect.

Charge your I-MOXO convenient, it needs only to stick a plug in both jacks. By the way, musical instrument lasts a long time without recharging – about ten hours in active mode. Great for exit operation is a pre – “filled” device, and then half a day you can drive to their favorite songs, being plus or minus anywhere.

And finally – the sheer quality of sound. Progressive design and tricks with levitation, of course, pull the blanket over himself, but I-MOXO is a column, and it should normally sound. Everything is, however, well: the music flows without a hitch, all instruments are well audible, the bass is muffled, but felt. Special volume do not wait but “rock” to, say, room I-MOXO can without any problems.

Now the main thing – a question of price. In General, I-MOXO – not the cheapest the pleasure is usually in the region of 10 thousand rubles. But the site right now is a good discount, and the device will cost 6,500 rubles. That is, one and a half times cheaper. The technique delivered via Express mail Yandex, so there shouldn’t be a problem – a maximum of one week at home will stand pretty and unusual device, which can be as surprise guests, and enjoy yourself.

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