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I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream – God from the machine

How often in games have strong literary source? Rare. Not “based on”, and almost verbatim, following the letter of the original? Even rarer. And to not just follow, but with the literary Supplement, written by the author, in fact, the original? “Yes, there is no such” you say, and they would be right. No. But before it was script to one long-forgotten game wrote a very well-known writer on the basis of his work. Since this game recently visited our phones with tablets, there is a reason to tell you more.

Compound for the name of our today’s recipient is actually hidden a huge chunk of the culture of literary fiction. Initially was the title story, the award-winning science fiction writer Harlan Ellison, published in the 70s- his prose is a matter of controversy and now, can find. Then, in 1995, a certain company decided to make a video game in the genre of the quest, and as a basis to take this story, “No mouth but must scream.” The developers turned to Harlan, and he was so excited that he not only wrote the story for the game, but also announced the local villain. Quest scared the local community for its graphics, but was very surprised; the local story, message, and atmosphere contemporaries appreciated. Now, twenty years later, can we estimate – I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream suddenly came out on iOS.

Of the original story from the game’s plot basically within the quest much more. But the virgin synopsis: people from the three great powers built their supercomputer, so he waged war without involving the public. Computers some time do, and then merged into a single body – turned out the overmind, who called AM. The computer for some reason hates people (I’ll tell you later why) has captured the entire planet and safely cut out all the population except for five people. He placed them in a special digital hell, where 119 years scoffed at them. The story begins with yet another ordeal of the five accidents, the game in General, with the same.

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Each survivor a skeleton in the closet – one drove his wife to suicide, the second did experiments on prisoners of war, the third life lived by women. AM offers its minions the game – they pass through the invented tests, and in the end, maybe (maybe!) one will get freedom. Five agrees (especially variants or not), then everyone gets into their own personal maze of horror.

I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream can be compared with “the Wall” Sartre, or other texts that under the yoke of circumstances, the people threw out all their vile essence. But the prose is Harlan distinguishes one important point – if the existentialists God either missing, or it does not, then Harlan a Supreme being that’s it – bulbs, transistors, and the voice from the void. God created people – and you let him become a Devil, having the power in his digital hands. Something in my mind, isn’t it?

Of course, strange to write about a normal quest, but the beauty of I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream is powerful in its literary basis, poignant dialogues and almost physically cleansing the torment through which you get the game. This is not a project of a series of “thought-provoking” – rather makes you feel.

Only thing in this whole issue is going to play extremely hard. “Quest 1995” – this phrase in itself sounds like a death sentence, but I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream and frighten the strange puzzles. Over time, the better, of course, did not, but if there is a great desire: all transmission and guides written long ago.

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Porting is also far from ideal. Minimally tightened schedule, adapted to small screens – well done. But everything else is, shall we say, highly frustrare: the management left the same stupid, the characters do not always obey your commands. The Russian audience will not like the lack of a native language (although the description in the App Store for some reason he specified).

The result is a rather strange combination: rich content is hidden under a hideous form. Is it worth it to Wade through twenty years techniques of game designers to enjoy the story – the question is practically rhetorical. In any case, you can always be limited to the simple reading of the story – it takes twenty pages and will not take much time.

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