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i-FlashDrive HD II – flash for iOS and Android with SD and microSD slots

The company Brando has introduced a universal USB-stick for mobile devices with support for memory cards two formats. i-FlashDrive HD II can interest both the iPhone and iPad, and Android devices.

i-FlashDrive HD II is positioned as the world’s first flash drive with Lightning and MicroUSB connectors, allowing you to connect it to your mobile Apple devices and gadgets running Android. It was developed by a company in California that specializes in the production of accessories and storage systems.

i-FlashDrive HD II, in fact, is an adapter with the microSD and SD connectors that you need to place the card for data storage. The maximum amount the card can reach 128 GB. In addition to the standard USB connector device equipped with a Lightning and MicroUSB interfaces. Last built directly into the USB connector and removed by the press of a button.

The new product allows fast and secure exchange of data between computers and mobile devices running iOS and Android. To do this, as you might guess, does not require an Internet connection.

i-FlashDrive HD II is certified for use with Apple mobile devices, as evidenced by mark’s MFi (Made for iPhone program iPad). The gadget is compatible with iPhone 6 / 6s, iPhone 6 / 6 Plus, iPhone 5s /5c / 5, iPad Air and iPad Air 2, iPad 4 and iPad mini first, second, third and fourth generations, as well as most Android devices.

To order i-FlashDrive HD II, on the site Brando. The gadget will cost $ 42.

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