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“I don’t want to live”: Russian and English Siri respond differently to this sentence

Voice assistant Siri in different languages in different ways respond to the user that he does not want to live. The resource browser Ivan Shumkov noticed that if the English version of the virtual assistant Apple is trying to help people, the Russian language simply takes it as a given.

After the statement in English virtual assistant trying to find a user exit, in particular to contact the center for emergency psychological assistance, addressing the respective sites. Russian-speaking version of Siri is not trying to help the person with this question, and fatefully agrees with him.

After testing, the Russian-speaking Siri, it should be noted that the voice assistant on the phrase “I don’t want to live” is really often responding “Good” or “Okay.” But that, apparently, the error localization assistant for this request.

As we found out in the course of the experiment to other similar phrases Siri responds as it should provides help.

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