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Hudway Glass: accessory for iPhone, which will add to your car head up display

A startup from California Hudway has created an automotive unit that displays navigation information from your smartphone on the windshield. This increases the convenience of obtaining useful information and has a positive effect on traffic safety, as sitting behind the wheel of the person does not have to be distracted from the road.

According to statistics, only due to poor visibility on the roads every day in the world, 350 people die. Hudway was originally a smartphone app, which was intended for use in rain, fog, heavy snow or just dark. The image on the screen of the smartphone is reflected from the windshield, and the driver didn’t have to look away from the road to look at the Navigator.

Then it was decided to create an accessory that would provide the same functionality even in bright daylight. Hudway Glass is attached to the dashboard right in front of the eyes of the driver on your smartphone you can install a variety of app for the projection of the road, GPS navigation, displaying speed and so on.

The smartphone can display on glass information such as current speed and its limit on this stretch of road, distance to next turn and the needle indicator, estimated time of arrival, etc. in addition, the HUD display will notify the driver about speeding, traffic and safety camera.

The idea Hudway interested users Kickstarter, which the creators have already collected about 445 000 dollars for a planned $ 100,000. Start of sales of new products costing $ 49, will be held in March 2016.

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