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Huawei wants to break the Apple. Will or not?

Huawei finally sells more smartphones than Apple — the way the new king or red light?

In 2013, Huawei CEO Richard Yu first jumped on the Apple: the man from the company that produced secondary smartphones, Cupertino blamed the lack of innovation.

Then the words of Yu reacted as to replica crazy town – you never know, the person was having a bad day and he lashed out at competitors.

But over time, the rhetoric Richard has not changed – it is further declared the purpose to smear Apple for all indicators.

In parallel, Yu criticized the U.S. flagships and convinced that it is wiser to buy products of Huawei. Life went on as usual – the speech of Richard drowned in infosum.

Finally, on 6 September 2017 was a great: if you believe the analysts from Counterpoint, a Corporation, Richard Yu passed Apple in number of units sold in July smartphones. Accordingly, Huawei ranked second in sales in the world – higher Chinese only Samsung.

To rejoice this triumph clearly before, because Apple has never clung to the number in Cupertino prefer to think of profit and not to brag about completed instances.

However, Huawei still is to pay tribute – they haven’t won the war, but won the Apple in a small battle.

To the complete defeat very far.

Below are the factors that will help or hurt Huawei to deal with the American Corporation.

Why Huawei will come to success
1. Prices

The Chinese are very wise approach to this issue. Even in Russia, with all the crises and markups retailers, it is easy to find a decent smartphone Huawei for 20-25 thousand rubles. Apple for the money sold with either a four-inch microscopes, or the results of archaeological excavations.

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In addition, Huawei has targeted the market of budget smartphones (fully balanced options in the area of 10 thousand rubles) and offers a number of acceptable gadgets for 15-17 thousand.

Another advantage of the Huawei devices is that they quickly become cheaper – even devices that go for 30-40 thousand at the start, quickly falling to 25 thousand.

Therefore, there is a chance that there will come a time when buyers are much more likely to ask themselves the question: “Is the iPhone three times better than this Huawei?”

So the price is the main advantage of the Chinese, which stoked for practicality, not for the worship of the brand.

2. Shell EMUI

Here in short: of course, there are people who don’t like proprietary interface Huawei, but users who clicked on the launcher with the iPhone, it will be easy to get used to the new design.

For example, there is no second menu, there is only what is stored directly on the desktop screen. And Huawei allows you to adjust the theme (here the sea), clone apps, and even block some programs from using the privacy settings.

EMUI is already much more flexible than iOS in a few years this shell is generally finished to perfection.

3. Camera

Chinese steamed about the quality of the modules in flagship gadgets is logical that the device P-series get dual cameras from Leica.

“They shoot better than the iPhone” – so write on sites inhabited by fans of Android. “No, not better” – meet Apple users.

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The truth is that the Chinese modules of the top camera phones Huawei is definitely not inferior to those installed in the iPhone. Especially if you think about the software part, it is clear that the Chinese default provide more quick settings.

4. Processors

Huawei is making their own Kirin chips – previously, they were accused that they bask smartphones, but new generations should be fine.

Actual chip Kirin 970 were presented at the IFA 2017 – we have yet to discover how awesome this feature, but Huawei says it is “the world’s first single-chip platform with its own neuromorphic processor”.

Apparently, questions of power and truth do not arise.

Why Huawei will never be the first

1. There is no hit

In the July report Counterpoint lists the 10 most popular smartphones of July. Know how many devices the Huawei? Zero. They are simply not. And not have them there for only one reason: the Chinese are great deal with the development and production of middle class (200-400 dollars), but fail on the flagship.

Smartphones get high quality, but faceless and unmemorable. What to do with it – is unclear.

2. Disgusting naming

Another typical Asian problem. In Huawei I can’t think of the normal naming system, so smartphones are released under random names: Nova is a P-series, there is a Y-series, there is even a G-series, but you can still remember the letters after the numbers (6C, 6A, 5X, and so on). From Huawei even there is a sub-brand Honor seems to be confused even more.

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It’s really impossible to remember. It is time to quickly clean a lineup of toxins.

3. Design

To Huawei know how to make beautiful buildings, but they can be obtained randomly with taste there is clearly a problem.

What is there to argue if the Chinese still mold a logo on the front panel? This is an ordinary farm, is invalid in 2017.

4. Innovation

Huawei accused Apple that the Americans did not introduce anything new, but the Chinese are much more than secondary – they have no ideas of your own.

The most comical story associated with the creative poverty of the company, occurred in 2015.
Huawei then found out that Apple is working on a screen that is able to determine the effect of depression. The Chinese quickly fouled the same, but has not come up to it applications. At the presentation, held a week before the release of the iPhone 6s, the users suggested two things:

1. Weigh up on the screen oranges;

2. Send ideas for improving Force Touch via e-mail.

Can such a brilliant Corporation can make Apple?


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