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Huawei: in December 2016, we have sold more smartphones than Apple

In December last year, Huawei sold more smartphones than Apple. This was stated in a new interview with CEO of Huawei India Allen Wang.

Previously Huawei has repeatedly talked about his intentions in the next couple of years to surpass Apple’s global supply of smartphones. This is probably the first bell.

“We’re going to pass them [Apple] step by step, innovation for innovation. It’s like driving a car. At every turn there is an opportunity to get ahead of competitors,” said last year, the head of Huawei Consumer Business Group, Richard Yu.

Having started as a manufacturer of telecommunications equipment, China’s Huawei entered the market of consumer gadgets recently, but promptly took third place in the world after Apple and Samsung.

“When we announced four years ago that want to produce smartphones, we were told that we were crazy. When we said that we want to sell 100 million smartphones, people also said we were crazy,” said representatives of Huawei.

According to Wang, in December 2016, Huawei took 13.2% of the global smartphone market while Apple owned 12%. Why this victory it was decided to announce just now, is unclear. Again, data Huawei may not be entirely accurate.

Allen Wang noted that the company is ahead of the leader in this market Samsung in some countries, without specifying which ones.

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