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Huawei c come from Nokia offers an alternative to iOS and Android

Smartphone maker Huawei is working on its operating system for mobile devices. It is reported by SlashGear, citing its own sources. OS aims to compete with iOS and Android and can be useful to the company in case the partnership with Google will be ruined.

The development of new platforms leads a team of software developers in Scandinavia, including former employees of Nokia. Now Huawei smartphones work on the Android platform, which is owned by Google.

Some concerns of the manufacturer is clear: Google has enabled the partners to change Android in its sole discretion, which led to a huge fragmentation of the operating system. Typing a large number of users and database, the company may decide to unify the system and to tighten control over its use and timely updates.

But at the same time, the rejection of Android brings a number of huge risks of losing the audience: the user will automatically lose access to thousands of apps including the most popular, they will have to get used to the new OS and interface. History remembers the failed attempts by Samsung to create an alternative to iOS and Android. The result was predictable.

At the same time Huawei is leading the redesign of his Android shell EMUI, which hired a former Apple designer. According to the publication, in the new version of the shell will change the appearance of icons, which now look almost the same as iOS icons, and color palette.

Huawei would like to become a global brand, but so far most of their devices for sale in China. In part, according to the newspaper, this is due to distrust of the company’s products in the West, which in turn caused unoriginal.

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