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HTC will release a new smartphone in 2018, despite the sale of the production of Google

Earlier it became known that Google bought a division of HTC for the production of digital devices for $ 1.1 billion. Despite this, the company plans to release a new smartphone next year.

According to a press release of HTC, the company intends to continue to collect its own smartphones, and will introduce a new gadget in 2018.

“The agreement also supports the new strategy of HTC about creating your own smartphone, enabling you to optimize the lineup, to ensure operational efficiency and financial flexibility of the company. HTC is still working with the best engineers in the industry, who are currently the leader”, — said in a press release.

To optimize the lineup likely means that the company will continue to produce successful and most profitable model, as is the case with the release of U11 earlier this year.

The last few years, HTC in the production of smartphones can’t compete in the market, therefore the company is constantly underfunded. The reduction in the number of produced devices as well as the receipt of $ 1.1 billion after the deal with Google will enable the company to improve its position.

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