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HTC copied Apple’s legendary advertisement 1984 for my clone iPhone 6s [video]

The recent launch of HTC’s new flagship smartphone One A9 made a lot of noise due to a striking resemblance with the iPhone 6s. Despite the fact that the Taiwanese manufacturer continues to insist that the design of his model is unique, the public opin ion was just the opposite. The fact ruthless copying the Taiwanese manufacturer of Apple’s ideas is confirmed by plagiarism legendary movie Apple sample in 1984.

Inspirational video called “Be brilliant” tells us how important it is in today’s world to be unique and unlike all the others. Exactly so, following the logic of HTC One is its new A9. The protagonist of the movie, representing a potential consumer trends, managed to escape from the routine of everyday life, overcoming any obstacles. Very interesting concept, strikingly similar to the one that was removed for Apple for more than 30 years ago for Macintosh.

Then, a similar video was indeed a breakthrough, like “Apple” products, showcasing the rebel spirit of its owner. In the days of the dominance of IBM technology from Apple has been a breath of fresh air. This is the idea I decided to copy the HTC, putting One A9 salutary novelty.

Perhaps, as serious thoughts as the desire to swim against the tide and being unique, is very strong essentially. Marketers exhort us that with the purchase One A9 our lives will change forever, leaving no trace of the past. However, they forget one thing: a well orchestrated movie with a deep plot is unlikely to convince someone to abandon all the advantages of iOS, iPhone choosing a substitute, though resembling in appearance to the “Apple” gadget.

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