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HTC “cheated” with the price of clone iPhone 6s

Earlier this week, HTC announced its new smartphone HTC One in A9 all-metal chassis, which many people call a clone of the iPhone 6s. The cost of new items has been reported at $400. This meant that HTC comes out in a new segment of premium mid-tier devices. However, as it turned out, the cost — the notion of unstable.

The company announced the price at $400 for the US market — limited time only. Starting from 7 November, she will end and wishing to purchase a new HTC will have to part with $500. It is unlikely that such a step can be called successful from the point of view of marketing. The more that the price for a new One not already A9 is a premium smartphone of middle segment, and is almost on the same field with the flagships of other companies, losing them at least in performance.

Moreover, the cost of HTC One A9 in Europe will amount to $725 in EQ. Paradoxical situation with the prices for a novelty in the US and Europe was the result not really a good marketing move for HTC, which is no doubt good for the Taiwanese manufacturer.

Note that A9 is visually One is very much like Apple devices, but the Taiwanese manufacturer claims that all the design elements A9 began to be used much earlier than the American Corporation. The basis of the novelties is the processor Snapdragon average level of 617. RAM in the smartphone 2 or 3 GB depending on modification. Accordingly, the flash memory will be equal to either 16 or 32 GB.

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It is obvious that the price tag on A9 One of the Taiwanese manufacturer will not be easy against competitive solutions.

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