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How would you change the multitasking on iPad in iOS 10?

A key innovation in iOS 9 and a big step forward in the issue of productivity became a new mode of multitasking for iPad, which allows more convenient to work with applications. However, this is only the first step Apple in the right direction.

Multitasking in iOS 9 allows you to open a second app without closing the first, and switch between them using the swipe gesture (Slide Over), or showing a video in “picture-in-picture” or display both Windows at once, dividing the screen equally between them. The last mode is called Split View and available only on the iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4 and iPad Pro.

The Split View allows you to simultaneously use two apps on the iPad. For example, to work on a drawing, opened near the original photo. Or write a document, copying text from the book in iBooks. New functions multitasking supported built-in iOS 9, but thanks to the API, some developers have already added their support to their products.

Multitasking Slide Over in iOS 9

Multitasking Split View in iOS 9

What changes in multitasking iPad would you like to see in iOS 10?

  • A more convenient way of switching applications for the mode Slide Over.
  • A more convenient way of switching apps to Split View.
  • The ability to quickly swap the main (left) and secondary (right) applications.
  • The ability to transfer content between the primary and secondary applications.
  • Mode Split View split 30/70.
  • Mode Split View split 50/50 in portrait mode.
  • Horizontal Split View in portrait.
  • The ability to launch multiple Windows of the same application (e.g. two Windows of Safari)
  • The mapping application in the mode of “picture in picture”.

It should be noted that some of the functionality already available in the competing manufacturers. And, not only tablets, but smartphones. The same Galaxy devices allow you to use vertical split screen.

Multi-window mode in iOS 10 should simplify the interaction with multiple tasks. Judging by the first reviews of the iPad, users wish to keep before the eyes of the two tabs Safari or Pages document and migrate the content (text, video, images) between programs.

Have you already decided what multitasking would like to see in iOS 10? If you have decided to make a list of improvements that you’d been included?

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