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How will look iPhone 9

Recently, the designer Jonas Dahnert published a new concept of the future smartphone Apple. He’s not the first person to submit it to the iPhone X, but in fact it may appear so-called “chin”.

Most designers representing their concept, believes that the iPhone X, iPhone X and iPhone Plus with 6.1-inch screen, which will be announced at the fall conference, Apple will look identical. But the latter will not be OLED-matrix, and this may affect the design of the device.

The fact that the Apple engineers to make the frame around the display is of the same thickness, the bent part of the screen into the case. There is a connector, which is connected to the display device. The same exact connector you need and iPhone c 6.1-inch screen, but, according to rumors, will use a LCD-matrix. To bend such a display is impossible.

It turns out that Apple will have to go the way of manufacturers of Android-based smartphones. That is set at the bottom of the thickened body frame. Or as it is called “the chin.” There will be built into the connector. Look it is not in Apple style. Therefore, it is likely that the engineers of the Corporation simply install a thicker frame around the entire screen. Yes, the effect of “bezremontnoy” once lost, but will not be excessive asymmetry. This option is confirmed the new iPhone model, recreated by the fusion network drawings allegedly from Apple.

Anyway, what will be the iPhone 9, will be known in a few months. Analysts believe that the device will be a budget version of the flagship with a similar design, camera system TrueDepth and one rear camera.

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