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How to weigh the plums with the iPhone 6s [video]

Simon the developer of the Software demonstrated the possibility of using the iPhone 6s display for weight measurement discharge. A video posted on his YouTube channel.

We are talking about the use of 3D Touch technology implemented in Apple devices of the latest generation. The system offers a fundamentally new way of interacting with the device by recognizing the pressure force on the display. Thanks to 3D Touch appears the possibility of implementing new management functions: for example, the smartphone executes one action at a light touch, and another when a stronger press in the same point. Using 3D Touch you can also define the weight of the items.

“A short video demonstration of the app that I made using the iPhone 6s 3D touch to compare the weight of the drain (relative to the maximum possible efforts in your phone). Heavier drain is highlighted in yellow,” explained the developer.

App Plum-O-meter will be available only to users of jailbroken devices. It is unlikely that Apple will allow it in the official directory, as the program uses non-public API. Nevertheless, it demonstrates the powerful technology of 3D Touch.

To see a demonstration Plum-O-meter on the video below:

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