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How to watch football on iPhone? 3 main applications

Coming in 2017, TV is dying, and in Russia, this did not seem to notice. The App Store is full of useless, unnecessary, poor programs, but none with a beautiful design football broadcasts.

I gathered three of the main application, but I must say, they are all a compromise, all have critical drawbacks, in all there are violent bugs, crashes and hangs.

And why? Because the channel “Match TV” can afford to not make money on subscriptions with mobile devices. Budget will give is to get a profit is not necessary.

Okay, let’s not about sad. Let’s talk about anything useful.

“Football. Plus”

For four seasons this app was the main supplier I in iPhone. Actually, apt is close to the ideal: there is the intuitive menus, and a section with text news, and an archive of broadcasts, and the ability to toggle the display of the account, if watching the match in a record and want to keep for yourself intrigue.

In short, a decent option, which was not so many disadvantages.

First, the application periodically crashes. Second, sometimes the editors were too lazy to add the match highlights (cutting of the best moments).

The price of an annual subscription to “Soccer. Plus” is constantly changing. In 2013, for the 12 months asked for a hundred bucks (I think 3300 rubles). A year later in the area of 4500 rubles. Price then again decreased, to season-2016/17 shrunk to three thousand roubles.

It is important to understand that this is a ridiculous amount of money for this amount of content, given that the rights to broadcast the games cost tens of millions of rubles.

Such a discount I specifically surprised, so a year ago I turned to the familiar people with “Match TV” and asked why they are dumping. It turned out that the “Match” has no relationship to the application “Football. Plus” subscription traded people from other structures (not going into) who have just survived a license to broadcast.

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These people could even sell a subscription for 500 rubles, at least for a thousand and still come to plus in for content cost exactly zero rubles and zero kopecks.

It became clear that so long can not continue. And really – the beginning of the season-2017/18 “Football. Plus” actually died. Now they can only buy individual games that cost 75 rubles. This is an adequate price tag, but without a subscription the app no one will use it, and it bent. RIP.

By the way, when you open “Football. Plus” former subscribers propose to download a standard app “NTV-Plus”.

Okay, listen to the wise advice.


A year ago this app was very ugly: just call, and you immediately flies a long list of all sports broadcasts. In the end, the user is forced to scroll all the biathlon and basketball, to finally find the right match or highlight.

Now everything has become civilized but the problem has not disappeared – choose a top game the top screen is still impossible. It is felt that the app was designed not for people, but purely for show – that the administration was not bound.

For a month subscription here costs 600 rubles. A year is 7200 rubles. Innovate, of course, but still at the level of Amediately. However, there is an elaborate application, but here is the rare stuff.

Demanding people from this interface will spit and swear – it is strange that the testers were so loyal (or indifferent).

But in this appe is life hack. If you rarely include football online, but regularly reviewing goals, then you “NTV-Plus” – best app. There’s a special section are the highlights, which do not ask for a penny. Not sure how this works – perhaps, again, someone random failure. It’s time to get used to that for legal live football in our country meet the dinosaurs.

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Okay, let’s move on to the most funny app in this collection.

“Match! Club”

I tightly acquainted with several former and current employees “Match”, so I know a bunch of stories that can be summarized in one category called “Wanted to do the best in the world, but totally fucked up.”

“Match! Club” – a classic, textbook example. In this application there is news, and voting, and contests, but the main function is to stream games and show highlights – implemented a sickeningly mediocre.

Let’s start with the fact that, once in the app, you will not understand, where do you buy the subscription. In the section “Market”, for example, lies paraphernalia of Petersburg “Zenith”. Why “Zenith”? Because “Gazprom” sponsoring “Zenit” and “Match”. Here is the use of official position. Complete shame.

However, to find a menu with the purchase of a subscription you can still. On the main screen click on any stream from any paid channels, and you will be prompted to purchase a subscription for day, month or year.

Intuitiveness – zero, but the prices are very sane: year’s subscription to all the sports channels is only 5 thousand rubles. Give for the money and the football and track and field, and MMA, and Boxing, and everything else except tennis – Eurosport tennis reigns.

But unfortunately, the interface of the application “Match! The club” was designed by blind developers.

Here is a list of key claims:

1. AMS is not able to run in the background. You can’t minimize the application and hearing the commentator – it is necessary to keep the Match open.

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2. If while watching football you open the control room to cut the accelerometer and rotate the screen to landscape mode, the stream gets paused. Who asks about it – is unclear, but such a feature (or rather bug) very annoying.

3. A section with highlights just dies periodically. I don’t understand how this happens: you pay money and get a white screen. That’s so great – this is what I wanted when I gave 5000 rubles for the year. Well done.

Although sometimes highlights die, but it is easier from this becomes. In section zamiksovana all sports, all the cutting of programs, “Match”, all stories and so on. To find what you are looking for need a few minutes carefully poking around in a very long list.

Why not do the filtering for sports?

Why not customize screening according to the type of point (a goal/point/interview)?

Why is there no separate menu for each match, where they accumulated to their highlights, as in the application “Football. Plus”?

Probably because “Match! Club,” answered the inept mediocre programmers, who for months is unable to correct basic errors.

Me every time I decided to go to the app and even nastier at heart from the thought that I gave these worthless people their money.

It would not partied and watched a pirate broadcast that is now on YouTube.

Of course, stealing content is wrong, but “Match” deserve everything that happens to him now.

Still soon be over, and the TV rights fell into the hands of those who know how to do business. Then this slag, as a “Match! Club”, will be immediately cut from the App Store, and in its place will be something worthy.

But who am I kidding?

It is a utopia.

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