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How to use two account of WhatsApp or Viber on iPhone without jailbreak

Popular mobile messengers not involve the use of devices on multiple accounts. Account WhatsApp, Telegran, Viber and other applications attached to your phone number and to activate the second account is not possible.

However, iPhone users have the opportunity to work around this limitation. With the help of Internet service which can be installed on the smartphone is another full copy of the messenger, and it is not necessary to subject the device the jailbreak procedure.

For ordinary users this option may seem redundant, but, for example, business owners or employees of PR-departments of large brands, it may save you from awkward moments, when private posts accidentally have a corporate account.

Step 1: Download and install WhatsApp or Viber on your iPhone in the usual way from the App Store. Activate the messenger with the telephone number.

Step 2: to add a second account to run on the iPhone Safari browser.

Step 3: Open the website

Step 4: In the services list, press “2 WhatsApp” or “Viber 2” of their choice.

Step 5: You will see the icon of WhatsApp (or Viber) under which there will be a green button. Click on this button.

Step 6: iOS will open a dialog box that prompts you to put on your device a developer certificate. Confirm the installation by clicking “Install”.

Close Safari and wait for the installation to the desktop app 2 WhatsApp/Viber 2.

Step 7: After installation is complete go to iPhone settings, Settings –> General –> Manage device.

Step 8: Find the line “Software and VNE…”, open the certificate and click “Trust”.

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Step 9: Now run on your iPhone a second copy of WhatsApp or Viber and repeat the setup procedure and activate your account using the second phone number.

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