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How to use iPhone or iPad as an additional monitor

With a single application, the screen of iPhone or iPad can be used as an additional monitor for your computer.

The iOS device can act as an auxiliary monitor for a computer. This solution will be useful to users who don’t want to buy additional monitor, but need him. The system can be managed not only with the keyboard and cursor, but using the touch screen.

Due to the small diagonal of the iPhone, I haven’t found a use for it as a second monitor. Diagonal iPad allows full use of the extra space. On the second screen you can put applications that are usually minimized or on another desktop, for example, instant messaging and music player.

Before connecting, make sure that your devices meet the system requirements:

  • For iPhone and iPad: iOS 8 and above;
  • For computer: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 or macOS 10.9 and above.


  • Need to download the iDisplay app. Also suitable for Duet Display, principle of connection they have the same;
  • Download iDisplay for Windows or macOS;
  • Connect the device via cable or via Wi-Fi. I was connected via Wi-Fi. For this it is necessary that the smartphone and the computer are in the same Wi-Fi network, then open iDisplay on iOS and on the computer. The device automatically detects and connects;
  • When connected, POPs up a window where you must click on “Always Allow”.
  • After connection the system will detect the iPhone or iPad as an additional monitor. In PC settings, you can change the display options, for example, to duplicate the desktops or use a device to expand the operating space.

    The speed of the interface depends on the performance of computer and smartphone or tablet. With a strong delay, you can lower the resolution in the settings iDisplay on iOS.

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