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How to use iPhone as an electronic key

05.07.2017 0 Comments

At the moment, the NFC chip used in the iPhone only for making payments via Apple Pay. But this technology has many possibilities that can be opened for third party developers.

How to use iPhone as an electronic key

To wait for Apple to open up full access to NFC, optional. An unofficial app from Cydia allows you to use the technology to emulate a badge or key card.

For this you will need an iPhone with NFC support (iPhone 6 and newer) with in stalled jailbreak and program NFCWriter. Thanks to this application of NFC in the iPhone can be used on all phones running Android. Including to turn your mobile device into a digital key for doors and turnstiles.

Step 1. Scan the existing key card with NFC using NFCWriter.

Step 2. Record the serial number of the card.

Step 3. Enter the serial number of the card under the tab “Tag Emulation”.

Step 4. Click “Start Tag Emulation”.

Ready! Now you can use your iPhone as a key card to enter the building or pass through a turnstile.

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