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How to use iMessage on Android

16-year-old developer of novel Scott has created a third-party iMessage client for Android. The application supports all of the features available in iMessage on iOS.

The app is called weMessage. It can be downloaded free in the Google Play Store. But for it to work you will need the program-the repeater weServer for macOS, which you can download on the official website of the project. The fact that the message is the messenger sent through Apple servers and the only way to make it legal to use an Apple device. WeServer receives a message on the computer, and then sends it to weMessage for Android smartphone. According to the developer, despite the presence of an additional “bridge”, the app works not worse than iMessage on iOS.

The smartphone does not have near the computer. WeMessage can work remotely, but the computer will still have to keep it turned on and connected to the Internet. Roman Scott promises not to throw the application and regularly release updates.

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