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How to use built-in iPhone and iPad dictionary?

Tell how to look up definitions of words using only the tools built into iOS.

IOS 11, Apple has integrated a handy dictionary right into a search engine Spotlight. It contains a large database of words and expressions in different languages, which is always at hand and does not require Internet to work.

To access it, you need to swipe down on the desktop and enter any word in Russian or English. In the results list at the bottom of the graph will appear with the definition of the query.

A built-in dictionary is very convenient to use when working with text and reading. Watching some text, you can highlight an unknown word and click on the “Find” button (Look Up). Then an additional window will appear with options for the definition of the highlighted word.

Then you can go into the settings dictionary. In the settings you can add additional languages and groups of languages. For example, the Russian-English dictionary to use the built-in dictionary as a translator.

In Spotlight, you can find the definition of almost any word. Moreover, there you can find the origins of words and phrases in which they are used. However, it is much inferior to professional solutions from the App Store. But this does not prevent him to become a useful tool, which, clearly, you need to know all iPhone owners

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