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How to use Animoji on the old iPhone – video

One of the key features of the iPhone C is a function of Animoji. For those who do not have the new flagship of Apple, the team I Love IceCream has developed an app that brings animated smilies on older iPhone models.

Clone Animoji called MrrMrr. This is a free app that uses front camera for face tracking. In the same way Snapchat works. In MrrMrr you can also try on funny glasses or ears of different animals.

If you go to the Emoji tab, it is possible to detect the same emojis that Apple uses in Animoji. This application is available in iMessage. Without leaving the messenger application, you can record a short video with a animated face on it and send it to your friends.

MrrMrr works worse and cannot track the movements of your face just like an app from Apple. The fact that MrrMrr uses only one front camera and does not employ other sensors.

Recently, the famous YouTube blogger Marques Brownlee said that Animoji can work without a system of cameras TrueDepth. In fact, it turned out that it is not so, and the application MrrMrr confirms this. Third-party developers failed to achieve accurate tracking of emotions and muscle movement.

Apple has revealed the animated emoticons Animoji 12 senyatbrya 2017 at the presentation of the iPhone X.

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