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How to unlock iPhone after X failed attempts of identification, without leaving the lock screen

After a failed screen unlock iPhone X using Face ID you can make a second attempt the identification of almost immediately, as reported by iDownLoadBlog.

There is no doubt that iPhone X is a unique smartphone, and the system of facial recognition the user’s Face ID is one of the most advanced technologies available on the market. However, the owners of the flagship Apple hasn’t yet become accustomed to such innovations and sometimes have difficulty when unlocking the gadget.

If the smartphone didn’t recognize the master from the first attempt, do not despair and rush to enter the passcode again or locking the device. Second time in a row scanning can be invoked through a special gesture, which has not been reported previously.

In order to re-apply to the Face ID, you need to slightly swipe up on the lock display, and then guide your finger down to die “at Home”. Using this fairly simple trick, you can safely unlock the iPhone X or view notifications without having to switch between screens. The gesture of a call to Face ID you can get used to quickly.

iPhone X is very different from other smartphones Apple. The company has completely changed the interaction system and even released a five-minute video, details about all the necessary gestures.

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