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How to turn your Mac or Windows PC to Apple TV

You have a 27-inch iMac or Mac mini with a large monitor. Why not use them as a replacement for Apple TV? Instead of watching a movie on an iPhone or iPad, you can upload it on the computer screen. This can be done using the app Reflector.

Reflector 2 is a solution for streaming multimedia content for Mac, Windows and Android with support for AirPlay and Google Cast. It allows you to stream content from iOS to YouTube and record video and audio using the camera and microphone on your Mac. But what matters now is that using the Reflector 2 can stream live video from iPhone or iPad to your computer.

AirPlay for Mac

First of all need to download the app Reflector 2. The full version costs $ 15, but is available trial version with a watermark on the screen. This is its advantage over other similar applications where the installation of the demo version requires a mandatory input e-mail address (for example, AirServer).

After you install Reflector 2, you must restart the Mac. Those who are already familiar with streaming videos via AirPlay and Apple TV functionality of this deals will seem familiar. It turns your Mac into an AirPlay receiver, and the computer will appear as a standard device AirPlay.

Stream video

Step 1. To see the video on Mac, just turn it and play them on your iPhone or iPad and click the AirPlay icon.

Step 2. In the list find the Mac running Reflector 2. Because he’s impersonating the Apple TV in the list will be the appropriate icon with the computer name.

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Step 3. Click on this icon and a few seconds of video will appear on the screen Mac. In the same way you can use a Reflector 2 for the slide show of photos or presentation.

Setup playback

If video does not open in full screen or in the upper part displays the name of the iPhone, this can be corrected in the settings.

To disable the display of the name iPhone, go to the Reflector 2 > References > General. Next Show Client Name, select Off.

Now you need to set the full screen mode by default. In settings, go to Connection > Default Scale will change to Full Screen. In the Show Frame, select None.

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