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How to turn video recording off the screen of the iPhone and iPad in the. GIF animation in iOS 11

In iOS 11 added an extremely useful feature is recording video from iPhone and iPad, which can be easily access from the control room. Sometimes you want to create a GIF animation from the recorded video. Nothing is impossible – you will need a device with iOS 11 and free application Workflow.

Video recording from screen

This part is the easiest. Open control iOS 11 and hit the record button screencast. The status bar will become blue recording started. Follow the steps and click the blue bar at the top to finish. The second beta version of iOS 11 does not require confirmation, the recording stops immediately.

Training video for conversion

At the moment, iOS writes the close control and the moment you stop recording, so the beginning and end of the video you want to crop. To do this go to the Photos app, select the video and click “Edit”. Perform the scapular videos from the edges, and then click finish.

Create a GIF using Workflow

Download and open the application process automation Workflow bought by Apple earlier in the year. First, you need to create a workflow. On the left you will see a list of available actions, select Find Photos, Select Photos, Make a GIF, Save to Photo Album and drag to the right side of the screen.

For each item you can set the parameters. For example, to Find Photos you can set to display only videos. Select Photos to display your search results on your gallery and allows you to select the desired file. Make a GIF, of course, creates a file of the GIF format. Select the desired frame rate and then save the result.

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In principle, that’s all. If you often convert files to GIF, you can add the icon of the workflow Workflow to your desktop for quick access. Also the app has a widget for Windows “Today.” And if you have an iPhone 6s or iPhone 7, you can open the desired environment using the 3D Touch.

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