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How to turn portrait shots iPhone 7 Plus iPhone 6s, 6, 5s and other unsupported devices

The camera of the iPhone 7 Plus in addition to the optical zoom has received a special portrait shooting mode, which allows you to create photos with depth of field or “bokeh”. Thus, it is possible to capture incredibly expressive live portraits, as in SLR cameras. It is enough to select in the settings of your smartphone camera a special mode.

Portrait mode is only available for owners of iPhone 7 Plus, but users of jailbroken devices can use a new tweak called Camera Mode 10. Created by a developer under the name Pax Cex, it allows you to add a special highlight in the form of a bokeh effect on unsupported models. Thus, users will be more likely to reveal your talent as a photographer, says developer utilities.

To get the photos with the bokeh effect in the Camera Mode 10 implements the special algorithm of image processing. The iPhone 7 Plus the data are analyzed with two cameras and with the help of advanced machine-learning techniques creates the effect of depth of field. Consequently, the persons in the frame remain sharp and the background blurred behind them. The same mode on the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 and earlier models is reproduced in software.

Download tweak Mode 10 Camera to create portrait photos on unsupported iPhone is available for free. The repository to load the default – BigBoss.

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